Chelsea Vs Liverpool Match preview and Winner’s Predicted

On Sunday at 17:30pm, the clash of the Titans in London will be coming again and the whole world will be watching to see who will win the tough match.

Both clubs having strong squads, it’s no doubt that it will be a tough game as the defending champions Liverpool will be trying to record a second win in their second match day just like the last seasons number three finisher chelsea fc.

Football Pundits, football experts, Football commentators and other stakeholders in the football industry have so far made some interesting predictions that have caught the attention of the world.

Last season, Liverpool FC won the English Premier League with a Whooping 99 pints. Liverpool FC have a very strong squad the same one that won the English Premier League last season. With only one new addition who has so far proven his worth in the team and unleashed his might in the game of football, it’s ni doubt that Liverpool FC will be going to the match only focused in winning and nothing less.

Chelsea FC on the other hand besides having a youthful team, they managed to finish last season at position three which was very impressive of them for the starling performance.This summer, they have made some good news signings who are world super stars and it’s no doubt that they will be going for the win come Sunday.

It has been predicted that Liverpool FC will win the high voltage match by either 2 goals to 1 or by 1 goal.

Liverpool FC are the predicted winners of the match come this Sunday.

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