Fani Kayode says FG Should Emphasize on Insecurity instead of targeting Nnamdi Kanu’s parents Burial.

Fani Kayode raised eyebrows on why the government will not use their available time to look at the pressing problem of insecurity and the recent ban on Nigerians from traveling to US issues and proffer possible solutions instead of going after a person and infringe on his right.

I will advise the government to leave Nnamdi Kanu alone let him come and bury his parents.

 Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafrans, IPOB, who hails from Umuahia, Abia State, lost his father who was the traditional heads of Isiama Afara Ukwu, by name Eze Israel Kanu and his mother,  Ugoeze Sally Kanu last year and rumor had it that the Federal government might arrest and detain IPOB leader during or after this period of the burial.

Earlier today, the IPOB leader was asking the questions, why would the federal government send a battalion to his home town to terrorize people during his parents’ burial instead of battling with the Fulani herdsmen and bandits that have killed over 350 people this January?

He said he knew the government of Nigeria would be ready for my arrest but I have also prepared because my reason for coming to Nigeria is to bury my parents and I have requested for US expatriate to follow me.

FFK on hearing this tweeted this:

 @MaziNnamdiKanu a few days before his parents’ burial is reckless and insensitive. Won’t he be allowed to bury his parents in peace? Is that too much to ask? Must Buhari pursue his perceived enemies to the grave and the afterlife?

The FG sees the IPOB leader as a threat more than the Fulani herdsmen and the bloodthirsty terrorists causing havoc in the country.

Please leave the guy alone, said Fani Kayode.

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