Igbo tribe the third largest tribe in Equitorial Guinea (Photos)

The Igbo tribe is among the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, the Igbo People are mainly found in the eastern part of Nigeria. The Origin Igbo is alluded the ancestral father of the Igbos known as Eri, Eri is believed to be the fifth son of Gad, who is the seventh son of Jacob, the grandson of Abraham.

The Igbo People are believed to be the offspring of the sons of Gad, that left Egypt long before the general Exodus of Egypt. These sons of Gad were said to have left Egypt, when they premonitioned that a persecution will arise against the Isrealites, and they were said to have finally settled in Aguleri. The ancient step Pyramid located in Udi, Nsude in Enugu state, which has been archaeological proven to have lasted centuries and also of the same architecture with the step Pyramid located at SAQQARA EGYPT, archaeological findings have also told us that they were built almost at the same space of time, goes a long way to prove further that Igbos might have actually been Jews that migrated from Egypt before the actual Exodus of Isreal from Egypt.


Now coming to Igbos in Equitorial guinea, from the map, we see that Equitorial guinea is a small Island country in Africa, situated at the gulf of guinea. The Igbos in Equitorial Guinea were officially declared by the government of Equitorial Guinea as the third largest tribe in the Island country. The number of the Igbos number a about 33,500, Out of a population of about 1.2million. The Igbos in Equitorial Guinea speak Igbo as their indigenous language and the practice Christianity to an extent. The Igbos in Equitorial Guinea are said to have migrated from Arochukwu in Abia state. It was also speculated that during the Nigeria civil war with Biafra, that relief agencies used the Island as a base for flights into Biafra. Below are photos of Igbos in Equitorial Guinea.


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