International Community to go US Supreme Court for the restoration of Biafra as a Nation – Nnamdi Kanu reveals

The international community is now ready to proceed to the US
supreme court for the restoration of Biafra to become a nation on its own.

As per reports gathered from a video received by  Newstrustng, where international influential personalities were seen in a meeting deliberating on what should be the next line of action to liberate the people of Biafra from Nigeria.

The man said some hidden truth about Igbo women to commensurate his statement, he acknowledged the fact that civilization started in the Biafran nation. “Women empowerment began in the Biafran nation. The very first democracy that provided woman leaders was from Igbo land. Igbo has figured out a way to have just a meaningful government and just a meaningful society with due process and fairness.”

Aynaijang News understands that the leader of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, was unable to attend his parent’s burial held on the 14th of February 2020 after President Buhari deployed Security agents to ensure that peace prevail.

Also, recall 2020 prophecies that stated that Biafra will be librated from Nigeria this year 2020 with the help of world powers intervention.

As per what you’ve heard on the video above, what’s your say?

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