Nnamdi Kanu exposes Femi Adesina, Warns Yorubas who know about FG’s secret to Leave Aso Rock

Mazi Nnamdi kanu, the Leader of Indegenous people of Biafra (IPOB) has made some claims against Femi Adesina, Buhari’s spokes man, Warns Yorubas who knows about Jubril to Leave Aso Rock.


“God in heaven knows, there is something defective with the brain of your average Nigerian. Are you sure it is the same God that created other races that made the animals British colonial masters herded together and christened Nigeria?

“Which charm did the loot and burn Fulani rulers in the Zoo use to hypnotise 200 million people into a state of physical and mental paralyses that they condone all manner of impunity dished out against them? Is this democracy?

“How people that claim they are sophisticated, financed and campaigned for the election of a bunch of dysfunctional cattle herders that cannot boast of any intellectual depth, will remain the greatest mystery of all time.

“The only consolation is that Nigeria as we know it has effectively come to an end. In a matter of months every region will go back to where they were before the White man came. I feel sorry for Middle Beltans though, they have to endure an existence with these savages from the Sahel.

“By the way Femi Adesina hasn’t posted any photoshopped pictures for a few days now which is unusual. I hope all his absence is a tactical retreat from IPOB onslaught.

“It is normal for any criminal organisation to kill off all those who are privy to a deadly secret prior to them scampering off. All Yoruba people working in Aso Rock that knew about the recruitment of Jubril and Abba Kyari’s de facto presidency by face masks should leave Abuja now for their own safety.

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