Oshiomhole’s Faction Seeks Court Order To Stop APC From Adopting Indirect Primaries In Edo State

In a new twist to the Edo state political drama between the Obaseki’s camp and the Oshiomhole’s camp of the APC, over what mode of primaries election the APC should adopt in Edo state, the faction loyal to Adams Oshiomhole, has approached the Benin High Court, seeking an order to stop the party from holding an indirect primaries election, to pick its candidate in the forthcoming Edo governorship election.

Interestingly, the APC is the ruling government in Edo state and by political tradition, and since Obaseki has not been accused of any misgovernance or poor performance by the people of the state, he was supposed to be given an automatic second term ticket.

But his political conflict with Adams Oshiomhole the APC chairman, who also had brought Obaseki to be governor for the first term, has turned Obaseki’s desire for a second term ticket a subject of controversy in the APC. This is because Oshiomhole has decided to deny governor Godwin Obaseki the second term ticket by all means, for not according him the godfather status.

True to his word, Oshiomhole has been able to manipulate the NWC of the APC, even against the party’s constitution, to earlier announced direct mode of primaries election for Edo state.

But, this was bluntly rejected by the APC Edo state chapter, who insisted that the constitution empowers the state and not the NWC, to determine the mode of primaries. And that the obligation of the state to the NWC in the matter of primaries is to inform it of what the state had decided upon.

But, despite the recent meetings between some APC governors and Buhari, and some other APC governors with Adams Oshiomhole on same day, it seems there is no compromised reached yet, as Oshiomhole’s camp seems to be losing.

So, some APC members loyal to Oshiomhole, and led by a factional state chairman of the APC, Pastor Kenneth Asemokhai have gone to the Court, to seek an order to stop the NWC and Adams Oshiomhole from accepting the indirect primaries, being suggested by the Edo state APC, for for the primaries election.

Their fear and apprehension is derived from the APC’s NEC 2018 resolution, which clearly empowered states to determine mode of primaries as well as conduct primaries, after having informed the NWC.

So In line with this, their desires court order is being sought in a case instituted at the Federal High Court Benin, on which if granted, will prevent Adams Oshiomhole and the National Working Committee (NWC) of the APC) from using the indirect primaries in the forthcoming APC’s party’s election in Eso state.

However ruling on the motion, has been adjourned till Monday, June 8, 2020, by the presiding judge, Justice G Ajayi of F‎ederal High Court, Benin City, Edo State.

The core issue in this case is to prevent APC from adopting the indirect mode of primaries election, as that seems will be the case, going by APC NEC’s 2018 resolution place the decision on primaries at the doorsteps of the state.

So political watchers eagerly waiting to see how the court will rule against party’s constitution and party’s NEC resolution. But one that is is clear, is Oshiomhole desperately trying to make real his threat that has so far been unsuccessful.

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