Biafra Today: Nnamdi Kanu Approved 7 Indigenous Languages For Biafra

Biafra today: Nnamdi Kanu reveals secrets as Funtua, Buhari’s ally dies 

According to the Media and Publicity of IPOB, Emma Powerful, Biafra will cater to the needs of our people. According  to newstrustng, Emma Powerful said,  What is the proposed CONSTITUTION of the upcoming UNITED STATES of BIAFRA? Can we get a draft copy of it in the public domain now that will be necessary before our campaign towards the pending globally accepted BIAFRA REFERENDUM? The 7 languages that will be spoken by Biafra are: IGBO WITHIN BIAFRA EFIK WITHIN BIAFRA ANNANG WITHIN BIAFRA IJAW WITHIN BIAFRA ISOKO WITHIN BIAFRA IDOMA WITHIN…

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